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Himalayan Salt Pillow for Stomach, Back & Large Areas


The Himalayan Salt Pillow for Stomach, Back and Large Areas offers a multitude of wellness benefits. Himalayan Salt Pillows are filled with hand-mined Himalayan Crystal Salt. The salt crystals are mined from the

Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan and are known to contain the minerals that naturally occur and are absorbed into the body. The crystal salt pillow used on the stomach or back/spine is known to work as a massage compress, providing a feeling of relaxation. The pillow can be used to help comfort back pain, muscle strain, stomach pain or discomfort in the upper abdomen. The crystal salt pillow includes a removable and washable cotton pillow cover and can be used at room temperature, warmed or cooled. When warmed the pillow can also be used to ease menstrual aches and when cooled, to aid in relieving sharp pain, headaches and inflammation. Gift Boxed.

Refer to packaging for usage and care instructions.



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